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March 25, 2007



You will make an excellent Uncle!! He does look like your family, and like the Demon Spawn too. Cleo really is the Naughtiest Kit-ten in the Universe then???


Ooooh - thanks for the Chris Barrie reminder. i wish they'd repeat the Britas Empire on TV. I thought the receptionist was hilarious!

Mrs Dr Who

Carol the receptionist...How can I help you...with the hands...and the baby in the drawer.
I need to watch a season of Mr Brittas now!!!!


Goodness me! You have been busy. That is one cute baby nephew you have there, congratulations.

As for the keyboard - you are lucky. I knocked a glass of wine over 'my' laptop and the keyboard doesn't work any more. I am not into confessing and so now have an ergonomic keyboard plugged in for ergonomic purposes! I have no idea what will happen when they find out! EEK!


So does Baby AG live in a drawer like Carole's baby?? How can I help you?????


Alas I think there is somehting living in my keyboard, maybe I should pour diet coke over and try and drown it????

I've always thought tree frogs were rather cute, unlike cane toads! Yuk!

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