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November 23, 2007



I a woman see me vote,
I am enfranchised's all she wrote,
I want to watch Red Kerry and Tony again.

Cause I've seen it all before
On the busy Tally room floor
And I never want to miss a word again.

Oh yes I am weird,
But it's weirdness born of pain.
Voting is our right,
And look how much we've gained.
If I havve to,
I can vote for anything.

I am strong.
I am invincible.
I am Voting Woman!!!!!!!


She has been taking the pills, right?
And I didn't not admit you were right. Did I?


Apparently there are no pills for what ails her!!
And Yes MsP....you said I WAS RIGHT...continuing to dance.


Endeavouring to ignore all the weirdness that is going on here, Cleo, I'd be hidding under something too!

Oh so cute kitty!


I spent Saturday night at Miss Stash's, she was incredibly excited about the Tally Room! At least she didn't tape it I suppose, I sat in another room and drank my cocktails.

How is Cleo, her aspiring modeling career seems to be taking off and I hear Stumpy is a HE!


I also settled in for an exciting Saturday election night, she is not alone lol

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