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March 27, 2008



ah the joys of technology! And it is all there to make our lives easier.

Love the eggs! Too much is never enough that's my personal motto.

I do hope 'home' was appreciative of them, some of the parents will probably still have them 20 years from now.
Not that I actually know anything about that you understand!


Oh, dear me! It's called NEEDLE and THREAD. Tsk, tsk. I'll get 2Paw on to you (again!)
The kids did good work on the eggs, though.


Sigh: This 'Smack in Head' from AmyP!!!They do look like faces, don't they?? Very lovely and not to traumatic to make either. You have a nice class!!!

amanda j

Oh my goodness, you captured the joys of technology at school very well and made me laugh. I am sure the eggs were appreciated at home and will take pride of place in the pool room forever more.

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